Aegean Furniture Industrialists and Businessmen Association (EMODER) gave full support to MODEKO-International İzmir Furniture Exhibition to be held at Fuar İzmir in March.

Nobel Expo, which will organize MODEKO for the first time following the take over this year, got together with EMODER management and members yesterday. Erhan Çelik, Chairman of the Board of Nobel Expo International Exhibitions, stated that they would be joining forces with Efor Fuarcılık to organise MODEKO, the oldest furniture exhibition in Turkey. Çelik said, “MODEKO is an excellent chance for the furniture tradesmen who are looking to expand exports. First and foremost, we will create a mosaic of Turkey in the exhibition area. Apart from companies in İzmir, participation from regions with high furniture production, specifically Kayseri, İnegöl, and Ankara, is great. This will create an attractive product range and exhibitor variety for international buyers.”

Qualified Buyers for MODEKO

Murat Şaroğlu, one of the founding partners of Nobel Expo, stated that they were by far the leader in the furniture industry, especially in terms of international buyers. He also noted that they were the sole authority for the procurement committee and global sales of the Istanbul Furniture Fair. Saroğlu said, “The highest number of most qualified international furniture buyers that have ever come to İzmir will be at MODEKO in March.”

“We are Ready”

Expressing their satisfaction for Nobel Expo’s undertaking MODEKO Exhibition, EMODER President Imran Yük said, “With our production power, our goal is to contribute our best first to Izmir and then to our country. We know that being united brings power. For this very reason, we are ready to take responsibility in every initiative that will contribute to the economy, production, and country.” Murat Sazboğazoğlu, one of the founding members and the former chairman of EMODER, supported Chairman Yük by saying, “Moreover, we are doing all this unconditionally.”

Sazboğazoğlu stated that even when choosing a place in the exhibition ground, they advocated the view that “Participating in the exhibition is more important, trade comes after.” He said, “Everything will be much better for furniture manufacturers when most of the stakeholders in our sector reach this level of understanding that we have achieved as an association.” He invited the representatives of the professional groups to gather under the roof of EMODER.